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USB Trimwella™ Eyebrow Trimmer Pen
USB Trimwella™ Eyebrow Trimmer Pen

USB Trimwella™ Eyebrow Trimmer Pen

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New USB Trimwella™ Eyebrow Trimmer is the precision hair remover that instantly sweeps away unwanted hair for flawless brows with USB charging.

Our innovative trimmer removes the tiniest hairs without any pain or redness, leaving your skin smooth.

This is the new alternative to waxing and plucking, a technique that doesn't irritate your skin.

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✓ Trimwella™ is precise.

Our Eyebrow Trimmer is designed to precisely remove all unwanted hair from your brows. The tip has multiple small openings to get even the tiniest of hairs.

The built-in LED light reveals the smallest hair, ensuring a perfect trim.

✓ Trimwella™ is painless and anti-allergenic.

The 18K gold plated tip is dermatologist approved and will gently glide over all skin types without harming or irritating it.

✓ Trimwella™ is easy to use.

The pencil-shaped design offers an easier handling experience leaving you more comfortable and confident while trimming.

✓ Trimwella™ is portable.

Due to its small size and weight, this eyebrow trimmer is perfect for carrying around. Trim your eyebrows on the go. Perfect while traveling.

✓ Trimwella™ is for whole body.

Eyebrow Trimmer is suitable for shaving eyebrows, nose hair, facial hair, neck hair,  armpit hair and legs hair.

✓ Trimwella™ is USB Rechargeable

Eyebrow Trimmer does not need batteries, you can charge it with the USB cable which comes with the package.



1 x New USB Trimwella™ Eyebrow Trimmer Pen

1 x Cleaning Brush

1 x USB Cable

1 x User Manual

*the product does not require battery.

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